Portrait of John Lewis

Portrait of John Lewis

8.5"x10.5" Hand-Cut Paper Painting

On Display at 311 Gallery

Hand-cut portrait of the late US Senator and Civil Rights Activist, John Lewis.

2020 was a difficult year for many reasons. John Lewis was one of many great people we lost that year. When looking ahead to the 2021 Black and White Portrait exhibition we host at our gallery, it was an easy choice for me to honor Senator Lewis with a portrait of my own.

The first layer is made from hand-cut paper that was lightly colored and textured with gray spray paint.

The mid ground is made from acrylic. I used a laser to engrave an excerpt from his 1963 "Speech at the March on Washington."

The background layer is paper with black acrylic paint.

Mixed media
Acid-free mix media paper, acrylic sheet, acrylic paint
This piece is framed


2021 | Black and White Portrait Exhibition, The Art Lab

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