Portrait of a Woman, 2018

Portrait of a Woman, 2018

18"x24" Cut Paper Painting

On Display

Hand-cut paper portrait of an elderly indigenous woman.

Made from two layers: the top is a single piece of white paper cut to form the figure while the bottom piece is spray painted with a simple geometric design. The background was kept simple using black, dark gray, and pops of medium-orange. The idea was to keep it interesting, but not distract from the delicate knife work details of the main figure.

Only the border and a few key areas of the figure were glued to the background. This allows some of the sections to lift slightly causing shadows that help the viewer see that this is a multilayered piece and appreciate the time and skill that went into creating it.

Mixed media
Acid-free mix media paper, Aerosol paint
Framing is included.


2022 | "Breathing Room" Group Exhibition, 311 Gallery

2020-2021 | Greenville Museum of Art

2019  |  Faculty and Staff Exhibition, Pitt Community College


The original photograph was the inspiration for this piece. I love how her gaze gives the impression of strength, wisdom, and confidence. I often choose older adults for my portraits because the texture of their skin and character of their faces provides such wonderful contrast between light and shadows ... which makes for beautiful cut lines.

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