See Me

See Me

22.7"x17.2" Cut Paper Painting


Hand-cut paper portrait of a homeless man.

This artwork uses three sheets of acid-free paper. If you look closely, you can see the two foreground pieces are solid sheets where all of the cuts are connected together.  

The background is painted with two dark grays and dusted with orange. The gloss paint along with the orange gives it a bit of a metallic look that changes depending on your viewing angle.  

The middle layer is painted with a light gray and dusted with a slightly darker gray for texture.

Mixed media
Acid-free mix media paper, Aerosol paint
The frame is included with the artwork


2022 | "Breathing Room" Group Exhibition, 311 Gallery

2020-2021 | Greenville Museum of Art

2019  |  Faculty and Staff Exhibition, Pitt Community College


Let's talk about the subject. This is a homeless gentleman. Many of us (including myself) walk by the homeless as if we can't see them. Sure, we stop from time to time, but I would say we keep walking or driving by more times than not. This piece is a reminder that the homeless are people too.

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